A few good days of work

Greg and Hans applied Sikaflex Polyurethane Sealant and primed the entire house.

7 rolls of Astrofoil. (Or, as Greg would say; “You don’t see Tyvek around the Space Shuttle. You see Astrofoil!”)

Mixing up the second coat of oil-based primer.

Annie and Amana come to visit

The rain stops so it is back to painting the outside.

The next days is bright and sunny which is a perfect opportunity to finish the second coat of the paint.

Taking a much needed break to inspect our work and talk about how to apply the first insulation layers.

Two new (free!) homeless homes come up from a girls school in San Jose. Greg will deliver these to waiting homeless neighbors this weekend.

Time to cut the Astrofoil with modern tools 😉

First layer of R-6 Astrofoil goes down.

Add a layer of R-13 fiberglass.

We leave the sink well uninsulated for easier/cleaner access to plumbing.

This is the unfinished “Wet Room” drain pan. We put it in place just to see how everything will fit.

Cutting the runners to length.

Runners in place. We will cut the sink well to expose sink and shower plumbing.

Self-tapping ‘wing’ screws. Neato!

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