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Feb 06 2018


We roll a fresh coat of paint on the Western Cedar siding and make sure all of the cavities in the house have proper insulation.

First line of siding goes up. Everything is based on this single line so we spent a bit of time to get it right.

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Feb 01 2018

We move on to wood

We are seriously enjoying the folks over at Economy Lumber. We discussed various external wood choices and decided on 450 linear feet of Western Cedar at $9 for 12 feet.

We picked up some tongue-and-groove 3/4″ for the floor and some half inch ACX for the ceiling.

Before we can lay the floor …

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Jan 26 2018

A few good days of work

Greg and Hans applied Sikaflex Polyurethane Sealant and primed the entire house.

7 rolls of Astrofoil. (Or, as Greg would say; “You don’t see Tyvek around the Space Shuttle. You see Astrofoil!”)

Mixing up the second coat of oil-based primer.

Annie and Amana come to visit

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Oct 01 2017

Petaluma Floor – Day 2

The cement slab was still pushing up water from the cleaning the day before. We set the fan on to evaporate as much water as we could. We mask the walls so the acid stain does not damage the wood.

Glenn has decided he wants a light-to-dark yellow/brown floor. Gary mixes the …

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Sep 29 2017

Petaluma Floor – Day 1

BSC is beautifying a concrete slab for one of our community members. Glenn Correy has a 100+ year-old barn that he is renovating and Gary and I decided to help him spruce it up by staining the concrete floor.

Staging our equipment.

Initial sweep.

Vacuume the walls.

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May 26 2017

Our first steel purchase

After much discussion, our core structure will consist of

(15) 3×2 11 gauge 20′ sticks (7) 2×1 14 gauge 20′ sticks

Today we visited our favorite steel shop, USA Metals of Oakland to make the purchase.

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May 17 2017

G & U #1 Dimensions

Greg and I have been discussing this off and on for months. Now it is time to make some decisions and get to work. Below are a few design decisions with brief discussion points.

1) The house is broken up into four main areas:

A) The living space (158 x 84 x 96) B) Kitchen …

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Apr 22 2017

An excellent week of education

I am taking two tiny home building classes at Laney College. CARP 221 – Advanced Elements of Construction is taught on Thursday by Matthew Wolpe. CARP 228 – Digital Fabrication is taught on Friday by Marisha Farnsworth.

We are building two houses for The City of Oakland to help with the chronic homeless problem. …

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Apr 17 2017

Preparing for UnScruz

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Feb 20 2017

The Wedge – Laney College

I have been part of building The Wedge at Laney College since the begging of 2016. Here are a couple of videos about it.

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