Get paid to build your own home

The idea

Pay people to work on their own home.

How it works

Everyone who works on homes for Building Sound Community starts off getting paid a living wage of $20/hour. After 6 months of full-time work or 900 hours (40 x 4 x 6 – wellness leave = 900), all workers receive a $5/hour wage increase.

Full time workers will received a minimum living wage salary of $60,000/year plus benefits after their first year of employment.

Additionally, all employees are free to take all of our education classes free of charge with no less than 1/4 of class seats reserved for our employees.


Building Sound Community believe that an educated community is a strong community – and we build strong community. The more educated we are, the more sound we are. And there is nothing like hands on work to educated and inform.

Building Sound Community is building a community of DIYers intent on creating the world in which they live – literally. We actually build the homes our employees live in.


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