Preparing for UnScruz

The Unaverz Crew along with Farfalle Gustose have been invited to participate at the annual UnScruz regional burn. We are bringing Sheri’s mutant vehicle and we will be taking over Heritage Hall for the entire event. Come play with us from 12 noon, May 5 straight through until 12 noon, May 7!

On Sunday, April 16, our happy band got together for a Maker Party at Building Sound Community. We painted, sewed, glittered, built a new sound system, tested LEDs, assembled butterflies, practiced our DJ and VJ skills… and generally hung out. Celebrating life and the creative process is just so much fun.

Thank you for showing up and making this another extraordinary event: Mike, Xander, David and Kiran, Mark, Vince, Daniel, Kat, Teph, Lynn, Sheri, Wendy, Kevin, Justine, Ka’nete, Haley, Dillon, Keith, Kim, Jerry, Charles, The Kaploun family, Jay, Khady and Orhan.


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