We move on to wood

We are seriously enjoying the folks over at Economy Lumber. We discussed various external wood choices and decided on 450 linear feet of Western Cedar at $9 for 12 feet.

We picked up some tongue-and-groove 3/4″ for the floor and some half inch ACX for the ceiling.

Before we can lay the floor we must install two layers of Astrofoil. We decide we like the double layers so much that we proceed to install it throughout the house.

Sheri and her girls come for a quick visit.

We paint all wood before we put it up to help with longevity and moisture.

4 rolls later…

The plywood does not land on the ‘studs’ so we jam a sled underneath.

We don’t want water sitting between the cedar slats so we mill all pieces to have 30/60 degree angles. This is fun, relatively quick, and allows us to inspect every inch of siding.

It sure is nice to have wood scraps instead of metal for a change. Good Times™

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