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Oct 08

Accessory Dwelling Units

California has eased restrictions on what they are calling ‘Accessory Dwelling Units’. These houses are on the same lot as an existing house and will not be subjected to the same regulations. Specifically, they don’t require their own plumbing and do not have to pay some of the additional connections fees for city services of …

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Sep 17

Trailer research

We are looking for a trailer for our first Tiny Home. We have decided on a 7×14′ dual axle model. Below are some links to websites that offer something close. California Tiny House trailer is $5,250 for the 18′. Tumbleweed trailer prices is $4,200 for the 16′ Tiny Home Builders offer a 16′ delivered for …

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Sep 12

Building Tiny Homes to address homelessness

It all started for me in early 2014, with an article I read about local artist Greg Kloehn. He was building micro shelters out of found and donated recycled materials and giving the shelters away to the homeless near his West Oakland studio. I knew instantly that I wanted to be involved and we began …

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Feb 09

Insulation and Tyvek

Today we finished installing the 1″ insulation and began wrapping the house in Tyvek.

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