G & U #1 Dimensions

Greg and I have been discussing this off and on for months. Now it is time to make some decisions and get to work. Below are a few design decisions with brief discussion points.

1) The house is broken up into four main areas:

A) The living space (158 x 84 x 96)
B) Kitchen (55 x 20 x48)
C) Wet Room (24 x 64 x 96)
D) Roof Deck (192 x 84)

2) The trailer is 16 x 7′ (192 x 84 inches) capable of carrying up to 14,000 pounds. We will use the trapezoid tongue that is 43 x 32 x 16 x 32. Additionally, the wheel wells add and extra 8″ of usable space on each side bringing the total width to 100″.

3) The “Living Space” is a single story (no loft) 8′ (96″) tall room at the back of the trailer. You will enter at the rear of the trailer and can exit through the egress door located at the front of the trailer on the driver’s side. The room will contain windows on the driver’s side and rear.

4) The “Wet Room” is physically separated from the “Living Space” that is 30″ wide (96″ tall). This room will contain a shower, toilet and sink. Access to this room is through its own 24″ door at the very front of the trailer on the driver’s side. No water will run in the living space.

5) We are designing a swing-out kitchen on the passenger side that will house a two burner stove, a bbq grill and a sink. The kitchen will bump into the living space 20″, be 24″ tall and flow the entire length from the front of the trailer to the wheel well (55″). This keeps all cooking, smells, mess and utensiles outside. We are building a kitchen cabinet above the wheel well to house all kitchen supplies.

6) The “Roof Deck” will attach to the top of the tiny home and is designed to allow water to pass through it onto the slanted home roof below.


Length 192″
Width of bed 81
Width including wheel wells 100
Height of base board 23
Trapezoid tongue 43 x 32 x 16 x 32
Length of wheel well 72

Egress and wet room doors are both 24″

Kitchen is 20 deep x 55 wide x 48 tall

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